The Saturated Moment

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Nigel Stewart


Dominique Bulgin


Lisa Whistlecroft

Lighting Design

Mat Hale

Programme notes

The Saturated Moment is an exploration of Virginia Woolf's novel The Waves (1931). In Woolf's novel each character is construed by images and turns of phrase that register particular impressions of the natural world. This dance piece reveals the physical basis for those impressions, creating patterns of live action and recorded sound that distinguish between the six characters but also, in the manner of the novel, dissolve those characters into each other as a single event is seen cubistically from a number of different perspectives. Altogether, the piece suggests an understanding of time in which each person's present moment is 'saturated' by impressions of the wider world that others have experienced in the past and future. Nigel Stewart.


Thanks to Nigel Stewart and Dominique Bulgin, without whom there would be no piece, and to Steve Benner for massive technical support and a couple of crucial gestures. The Saturated Moment is the result of an intensive research residency under the Artists' Programme of Chisenhale Dance Space during August 2006 and subsequent work in Lancaster.